howbouthemcowgirls1: Hi! I was wondering where you got the "put a bow on it" pink jacket from? Thank you :)

It’s kate spade’s Dorothy coat & unfortunately I don’t think it’s available on her website anymore ):

4:22 pm  •  24 July 2014

So apparently that Herringbone puffer vest is back at J. Crew Factory & it’s relatively inexpensive & I can’t even get it because I just paid my tuition & i have to save my money & I’ve wanted that vest for like threeeee years but they are always sold out :(

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Anonymous: What is the "preppy" lifestyle even about? It seems more materialistic and way too expensive in an effort to look "good."

To me, It’s about dressing well, & working hard & enjoying the finer things in life. That doesn’t mean it’s expensive or materialistic— dressing preppy doesn’t mean dressing expensive. It means dressing classic

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